An Introduction to iPaaS (and Lysi)

Kiel Light | November 3, 2022

What is an iPaaS

Integration platform as a service, also known colloquially as iPaaS, is a collection of automated tools designed to standardize how discrete software applications are integrated to form a robust, tightly coupled configuration. The value proposition of iPaaS technologies rests upon their ability to connect otherwise disjointed systems as well as automating core operational transactions, thus eliminating the need for companies to maintain manual, largely retrograde business processes. In simplest terms, iPaaS is a platform for building and deploying integrations within the cloud and between the cloud and enterprise. With iPaaS, users can develop integration flows that connect applications residing in the cloud or on-prem sites and then deploy them without installing or managing any hardware or middleware.

How does it work?

By and large, an iPaaS platform offers an assemblage comprised of middleware technologies, cloud infrastructure components, business rules/parameters, and various connection modalities: pre-built connectors, application programming interfaces (APIs), and SDKs (software development kits) that are designed to facilitate the development of applications and orchestrate integration flows. Through the utilization of these technologies, modalities, and rules, an iPaaS offers its user community a centralized ecosystem to view, manage, and adjust all data, infrastructure, and operations. This, in turn, allows companies operating via a hodgepodge of stove-piped systems (i.e. sales, finance, marketing, and service departments) to bridge gaps in communication through integrating software to enhance data-sharing within the organization. To that end, a company is afforded a slew of perks by way of the use of an iPaaS. Those include scalability, adaptability, and elasticity benefits that accelerate business agility, to name just a few. Moreover, a company can scale services on demand to support fluctuating workloads and ever-evolving business demands without having to factor in infrastructure costs or operational maintenance.


What is driving the heightened need for iPaaS?

The large-scale adoption of cloud computing, including the adoption of cloud systems, storage, data warehouses, data analytics, etc., has invariably evolved the way modern companies conduct business. Consequently, this evolution is directly fueling the need for iPaaS as a solution for bringing together distributed resources, disparate datasets, and applications in a sophisticated and scalable manner. As more companies transition away from on-prem sites and desktop applications in favor of cloud computing, the need for iPaaS capabilities will continue to grow exponentially. Against the backdrop of a perpetually modernizing commercial landscape, companies wishing to remain on the cutting-edge must succeed in managing multi-cloud environments if they wish to be able to scale, store, and analyze all their data, regardless of its location. Likewise, the need for mature integration solutions with a framework that is vigorous and secure enough to support modern, intelligent business processes and use cases necessitates the need to forge durable interconnections through the adoption of an iPaaS.

Collaborating with Lysi for your iPaaS needs

Lysi is a diverse, dynamic, and versatile technology integration company specializing in the intersection of technology and business process management. Lysi prides itself on its ability to empower modern businesses through the utilization of cutting-edge technologies and proven integration strategies.

Lysi offers business process consulting centered on helping companies identify ways to streamline and dramatically transform their day-to-day operations through the use of best-in-class cloud technologies. To that end, Lysi delivers to its clients, comprehensive strategies and industry best practices aimed at reinventing a company’s internal business model and processes to become fully integrated, lean, and exceedingly agile.


Lysi’s iPaaS offerings:

Lysi offers both step-by-step consultation (hands-off, advisory oriented services) as well as full-service implementation offerings whereby Lysi, through the use of an iPaaS, will forge the integration, from start to finish (in accordance with the company’s vision). Lysi’s highly experienced and adept team of technical resources and management professionals specialize in a wide gamut of iPaaS features. Such features include:

  • Data integrations via the execution of automated workflows.
  • Cloud application integrations whereby data sources are integrated in real time with intelligent business processes that span cloud and on-prem applications (e.g., Salesforce, NetSuite, SAP, etc.).
  • Partner integrations and EDI through the exchange of data and electronic messages with business partners using a cloud B2B gateway.

In conclusion…

An iPaaS is a platform that bridges otherwise disjointed systems to deliver a tightly coupled, interconnected solution to customers. To that end, it acts as a vehicle by which communication between multiple systems is made possible. As companies intensify their cloud dependencies and further deepen their cloud footprint, iPaaS capabilities become part and parcel of nearly every business model. Conversely, setting up an integration via the use of an iPaaS can be a challenging endeavor for most companies and it would be wise to seek out consultation. Lysi can offer in-depth consultation and much more!

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