Integrate and Automate your Workflow

Save time with integration and workflow automation

Seamless integration between all your critical applications is here. Integrated automation is a technology infrastructure that enables systems to work together.

Modern businesses require evolving: Flexible technology that is adaptable and scalable to each organization’s requirements. With the advent of modern software and integration-as-a-service platforms, we are uniquely positioned to guide companies toward aligning business best practices with the industry’s best available technology.

Why is this important?

Integration and automation can help you improve efficiency and productivity within your organization. Businesses need to be successful in all realms, including innovation, the ability to grow, employee and customer satisfaction, and so much more. Because we understand the foundation of running a successful business and technological advancements, we’ll guide you toward making the best comprehensive decisions.

How Lysi Works


Our team of  project managers and engineers will first assess your current software and applications in place to create and deliver a dedicated technical plan that fits the needs of your business. This plan will act as a template to follow throughout the process of implementation.


We have a large team of integration engineers highly skilled in executing and deploying various systems to work together as your company begins to adopt new technology.


Once all programs and applications are connected and activated, results take the stage: Reduced chargebacks, customer satisfaction, error-free processes, and ability to scale. Be prepared for optimized solutions and minimal downtime.


With technology evolving and your business growing, we’ll stand by your side to make the necessary technical changes to ensure your company is not stagnant.

Advisory Services

Lysi offers both step-by-step consultations as well as full-service implementation offerings whereby Lysi drives the implementation from start to finish.

Advisory services entail:

  • Solution design consultation
  • The provisioning of dedicated resources with the right set of skills and domain knowledge to serve as technical consultants through the duration of the project’s life cycle
  • The provisioning of a Service Management platform to facilitate collaboration

Full-Service Implementation includes:

  • Fully agile Software Development Lifecycle (SDCL) Management Framework
  • Requirements driven integration build-out
  • Comprehensive planning through the course of the project
  • Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
  • Continuous and incremental delivery of value
  • Delivery of technical documentation and project artifacts
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Let’s discuss integration and automation. We’re here to make your company stand out in this competitive market.

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