Managed Services

Lysi offers post-go-live support to companies in need of assistance managing and maintaining their iPaas-driven cloud integration

Making sure you thrive

We provide you with fully integrated production platforms when automating and optimizing your business practices. After we do our due diligence and make stellar changes to your practices, our role is far from finished. The service at Lysi includes post-implementation support and technical supervision.

Why is this important?

Reforming a business can be scary. We turn the fear into active potential. That’s why we stand by our clients throughout their new business journey post-implementation and deployment. The team at Lysi is backed by engineers worldwide that will help bring clients into the best practices—we execute not only implementation but deployment too. Lysi guarantees that your new automated systems will be fast, reliable, and simpler than ever after deployment.

How Lysi Works


We have a large team of engineers highly skilled in implementing and deploying the perfect applications to work seamlessly together to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and reduce customer chargebacks.


Once all retail applications are connected and activated, all systems fire: Results take the stage—be prepared for optimized solutions, customer satisfaction, and minimal downtime.


We stand by your side even after the job is done. As you start adjusting to the new technical structure within your company, we’ll stand by your side to assist with the new software adaptation within your organization.

Post go-live support includes

(not limited to)


  • The effective incident, event, and problem management support aimed at sustaining a company’s cloud investment
  • Informed recommendations to ensure value derived from the cloud integration remains aligned with the company’s overarching business objectives and priorities
  • The provisioning of a Service Management platform to act as a Help Desk Ticketing System
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